I'm the type of girl that if I find something works for my then I usually stick to it. I'm not a big fan of eyeliner or spending hours doing my make-up in the morning, but I do love me a natural smokey eye. I'm going to share with you the eye look I go for pretty much every day and the products that I use to achieve it.

Since I don't carry a make-up bag with me, I need to make sure my eye-shadow stays up all day. I always prep my eye with Urban Decay's Eye Shadow Primer Potion and then use MAC's Painterly Paint Pot on top. This combination usually ensure that whatever product I put on top stays in place, while also adding a nice base colour to the look. 

From there, my go-to product to usually Too Faced Natual Matte Eye Shadow Palette. This is by far my favourite eye shadow palette, as I'm not a huge fan of sparkly eyes or anything too daring. From here I start with the shade Heaven all over my lip and just below my eyebrow (to highlight). Once I have blended this in, I use Cashmere Bunny again over my lid, but focusing the on the outer corners, and again blend. I then use Sexspresso on my lash line & water liner to give my eyes a little bit more definition, and finally - blend! 

Also - if I'm in a pinch Risque also makes a fab eyebrow shade!

I'm a big fan of big lashes and try to have eye-lash extensions whenever possible! When it's not possible, I go for eye-lash tinting & blacker than black mascara. I tend to switch up what mascara I use, but one of my favourites is Eyeko Eye Do Lengthen & Strengthen mascara.

That's as far as I take my eyes on an every day basis. It's not much, but I feel it complements a natural make up look. 

What's your go-to eye make up look?


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