June has whizzed by and my poor little blog and been left neglected (again). However, I have learnt the art of scheduled posts so I'm hoping this will set me back on track again! Now, onto what I having loving this June. 

The Body Shop

After 22 years old great skin, this month marks one of the worst for my face. For some reason, my skin has been filled with break-outs this month, which is not at all normal for me. For this reason, I decided to change a lot of products that I had been using on my face, which has (thankfully) resulted in my skin coming back to normal. I picked up a Camomile Oil Cleaner & Oils of Life facial oil and combining the two has left my skin spot-free again. 

Sexy Fish

As a late birthday celebration, my family took my out to Sexy Fish in Mayfair. It's been one of my top places I wanted to go and it did not disappoint. This place is not cheap, but for a special occasion it's a really amazing experience. Top tip: if you do go, try to duck & watermelon salad - to die for!!

MAC Prep & Prime (Lip)

Anyone who has been reading my blog for more than 2 minutes will know I am completely obsessed with matte liquid lipsticks, however unfortunately dry lips come hand in hand with these products. I recently picked a MAC prep & prime lip primer and have really felt a difference when wearing lip products all day. 


The weather in London has been all over the place for the past month. It has been raining constantly, but between showers there is a disgusting damp humidity. Not cool. It's too hot to wear a jacket, but too rainy to go without. I've been loving this army style shacket that I picked up in Topshop. It's light enough for this kind of weather and I also really love the look of it!  


June marked the month of 'Fight Club' in KoBox, which I'm proud to say I completed! 7 classes in 7 days was super tough, but I'm feeling so much stronger and fitter for it now. Fight Club really set my health and fitness plans into action and I'm finding myself working out independently one - two times a week. My fitness levels have improved and I'm able to push myself a bit further. I will definitely be returning to KoBox, but perhaps just once a week till my holiday, because sadly the price of their classes will not let me do much more! 

Ariana Grande's Album - Dangerous Women

I love every song on Ariana's new album! They're so catchy and her voice is amazing. My favourite has to be Moonlight.

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Sexy Fish is such an interesting name for a restaurant! I've been in love with the army/utility style jackets, but it's unfortunately so hot here in Texas, I only get to wear long sleeves for a month :(


  2. I haven't shopped at the body shop in ages! I definitely need to pick up more of their oils
    Kathy x

  3. I've heard so much about the MAC Prep & Prime, and with our prom around the corner I'd love a good primer to make it last all evening. Thanks for the recommendations x