In March, I was hungry. Or so it seems from my Instagram pictures. I don't know if it was because it's the month of chocolate Easter eggs or if I just had exceptionally pretty food this month but it is pretty much a foodie take-over this month!

#1 March marks on the month of one of my closest friend's birthdays. This girl is one in a million & we always have the craziest times together, even if they usually end up with us browsing ASOS in bed. Happy 22nd Birthday Annie!

#2 My favourite purchase of the month - the Harrods exclusive MAC lip palette! This palette is so amazing and has served me well in it's first month! I have loved mixing up the shades and using them to create different looks. My favourite shade is Ruby Woo, the perfect red shade for every girl.

#3 My avocado obsession continued this month, as well as discovering Joe & The Juice sandwich's are the bomb. I'm still working my way through the whole menu, but anything with avocado is a win in my book.

#4 Rainbow. Bagels. Bagels. That are rainbow. I saw these when walking through Selfridges food halls and couldn't resist picking them up.. as a pick me up! They taste exactly the same as regular bagels, but might just be the happiest meal I've ever eaten!

#5 I hardly ever take selfie's (this is a lie, I take selfie's all the time, they just rarely make the cut) but pre-night out I went on a selfie sess after receiving my new Kylie Lip Kit in 22. I'm so happy with the new colour, see my recent posts for a full review on the colour! I'm also SO excited to receive my new orders in the post - Kourt K, Poise K & Mary Jo K. Let me know in the comments if you would like a full review/looks of any of these shades!

#6 On a rainy Thursday, me and the boyf visit VQ in Chelsea after a recommendation from a friend. For those that don't know, VQ is a 24 hour café in Chelsea that does surprising delicious food. I was really blown away with the quality & options on their menu and know where I will be going for late night drunk stops in the future!

#7 Skinnydip have killed it this month, as they do every month. I have never been on the Skinnydip website and not wanted at least 5 things that I 100% do not need. This novelty bag is exactly one of those things. As a cultch or a chain bag - it's sooo cute! I don't know when I will have a reason to wear it, but I will FIND a reason to wear it!

#8 Easter Sunday consisted on brunch at Berners Tavern. We had pancakes and French toast and eggs and full English breakfast. It really was a brunch of kings!

#9 I wish I could go on about how I bought these shoes and we are just the perfect match made in heaven, but alas these shoes are actually re-grammed from another website. Boo. I love anything Fendi Monster and fell in love with these shoes. One day we will be united, one day!

So that's March in a nutshell! How was your Easter Egg Month? Are you enjoying my Instamonth series? Let me know in the comments!

E. x

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