I think when I discovered Netflix in university, my life changed forever. I am fully addicted to Netflix and think it's absolutely fab. Although I enjoy watching some of the films on there with the other half, I mostly enjoy binge watching TV shows. I thought I would share my favourite series to watch on Netflix, although lets be honest you've probably all heard of these already!

#1 Pretty Little Liars

If you haven't heard of Pretty Little Liars, you must be living under a rock.By far, my favourite TV series to date. This show is completely addictive - murder mystery teenage dream style show. 10/10 would (have) watch again. And again. And ag- you get it.

#2 Orange is the New Black

A Netflix original series that is to die for funny. I can binge watch an entire series of Orange is the New Black when it comes out in like 3 days. Even my mum likes this one and that's saying something.

#3 Real Housewives of New York

I'm not sure if this is still on Netflix, but I definitely discovered the Real Housewives of New York on here. Again, an amazing show that is 100% addictive. Ramona, bring that Pinot!

#4 Carrie Diaries

Discovered on the American Netflix (let me know if you want to find out how to get access to American Netflix in the UK!) the childhood story of Carrie Bradshaw. I love SATC so the Carrier Diaries was a no brainer for me, easy watching and really clever to watch if you're a big fan of SATC like me.

#6 The Unbreakable Kimmi Schidt

Another Netflix orginial series that they desperately need to make another series of! This show is really funny and unique, totally easy watching but funny enough to make sure want to watch it all in 2 days.

Here's another list of shows I would definitely recommend:
New Girl
Once Upon A Time
Made in Chelsea
Making a Murder

What are your favourite Netflix shows to binge watch? Do you have any recommendations for me to watch?

E. x

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