Kylie Lip Kit Review - 22


It's official, not only do I love Kylie's lip kits because she made them, they are actually the best liquid matte lipstick I have ever tried. I managed to snap up one of her new shades 22. When I was trying to buy some more lip kits, I actually wanted to neutral colours more, but sadly they sold out in a matter of minutes - so I settled for 22. Or so I thought..

I am so pleased that I got 22! I have never had an orange lip shade actually suite me - but this colour is just amazing! I want to add aswell, that since her first launch the texture and quality of the lip kits have doubled. I much prefer the new product, compared to the older thicker ones. 

This shade has not left my lips since purchasing - and I am pleased to announce that last night I also bagged her new shade Kourt K!

Call me crazy - but even if Kylie didn't have her name attached to these products I would still be obsessed. They are completely worth the money and I highly recommend anyone to try these out.

E. x

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  1. glad to hear the formula has improved as i think when they first came out people said they were a little drying? this colour looks absolutely amazing on you!

    xo Sarah