I know we are already 10 days into May - but I only got back from holiday on 2nd May & work has just been too crazy to even think about updating my blog. I apologise, but in return I bring amazing Thailand pictures for you!

I can honestly say this was the most amazing holiday I've ever been on! I had so much fun explore the south thai islands, it was just incredible. We are hoping to back to Thailand next year and I seriously cannot wait. You can find a quick over-view of our trip below but if you would like more detail of any of the islands (things to do and see or restaurants to visit) let me know and I would love to write another post in detail! 

We traveled through:
Koh Samui
Koh Tao
Koh Phangan

Have you ever visited Thailand? I will be back next month for May's instamonth (and on time!)

E. x

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