Today, I bought a tuelle skirt from Zara. I've always wanted a tuelle skirt, but have always been so unsure on how to style them. Being on the small side, I also didn't want an over-powering midi skirt to make me look like a frumpy, lumpy princess. However, when I was in New York I saw, maybe, the most fashionable lady of my life rocking a tuelle skirt at 9am on a Friday morning and I thought screw it, I'm going to get a tuelle skirt and I'm going to look damn good in it. I picked up the below skirt from Zara for £29.99.

So, of course now I've got the skirt, I need to decided how to style it! Obviously, I went to my top favourite outfit inspiration site - Pintrest. I found a number of different ways to style a princess skirt - from casual to formal - and I thought I would share my top favourite styles with you.

Cream Tulle Skirt with Leopard Heels and Black Leather Jacke... | luvrumcake | Bloglovin':

So, up first we have a simple black top and biker jacket to grunge the whole look up a bit. I love this look and totally plan on replicating it (right down to the leopard print heels!)

A simple striped top really sets of the skirt - I also love this look for a more casual outfit.

I again love the contrast of the pretty, princess skirt against the black. I think it makes the whole look, look a lot more mature.

Simple, complementary nude colours also look amazing.

Those are my top favourite looks I have found and am looking to replicate! What's your favourite way of styling a tuelle skirt?

Please be aware that I do not own any of the images used in this blogpost.

E. x

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