You heard it here first! Well, you didn't at all because everyone and their mum's friend's dog were going on about this a few months ago and your girl over here only just jumped onto the bandwagon - but let me tell you, that is one bandwagon I am very happy I jumped onto.

As you've probably heard from every corner of the interwebs, Nivea Men's Post Shave Balm is the new cult beauty favourite and for good reasons. Using this little beauty under my make-up has made it stick all. day. long. I can honestly say I am enjoying this primer more than any product I've purchased before and let me tell you why.

Price: firstly, the price point is a massive plus. Most drug-store primers range from about £8 - £15 for about 50ml of product. Although, I have happily paid this price in the past, I managed to snap up my post shave balm for the low low price of £2.60, for 100ml. This is insanely good value for money and I'm pretty sure this bottle is going to last me a hell of a long time.

Quality: I'm not going to ramble on about the ingredients and how that chemically makes this product a really good primer, because again, everyone and their mum has already told you that - I know you've read the 310 reviews about this product are just want the hard hitting facts! Yes, this product completely works as a primer. But what I really like about this product is the fact that it is watery. As I have quite dry skin, I never liked putting the silicone primers onto my face. It just made me feel like I was applying another layer of skin and felt heavy and uncomfortable. This product feel like the skin and breathe while also creating a glue-like surface for your foundation. I told you I would cut out the crap right?!

Now, onto the possible negative points (which aren't even really negative points for me!). Once you have applied the product it does still have that 'man' smell - however I don't mind this smell at all and it goes as soon as you have applied to your face!

Secondly, the bottle is very heavy and bulky, I know I just went on about how great it is that we get so much product but I'm allowed to change my mind - god. This bottle isn't great for travelling, but you can just decant or go without for a couple of days. No biggie.

Lastly, there is no pump. But again, this product is not designed for women, but instead the manliest of men who want to slap the product all over their freshly shaved faces. We'll let them have this one, but a pump would be useful!

Have you tried this product as a primer? How did you find it? Let me know in the comments!

E. x

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  1. This has been everywhere!! I have yet to get it though as I am still somewhat skeptical
    Kathy x