BEAUTY: Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review | Dolce K & True Brown K


I can openly admit, with pride, that Kylie Jenner is my spirit animal. I'm obsessed with her fashion, her makeup and just generally enjoying following what she gets up to. So, when I heard she was releasing a lip kit - I was all over it. The first launch - I was ready and despite the collection selling out in 30 second (what) I managed to get my hands on two of the sold out colour. Dolce K and True Brown K. Now, the only issue is I have the world's driest lips. As in, I spend hours and so much dollar trying to keep my lips silky smooth, but no luck within a couple of hours of stepping out the door my lips and cracking up. Not such a great look for matte lipsticks. Despite this, I was so excited to try out Kylie's lip kits. So see my review of both colours below: