January Beauty Wish List


Since it's nearing the end of January (how?) I thought I would pull together the beauty products that have caught my eye this month. This is mostly through sale browsing-but ending up in the full priced products shopping. 

If you have not smelt this cologne yet, I highly suggest you go and take a sniff. I'm currently addicted to this smell and despite the hefty price tag I'm verrry tempted to splurge - purely because I can not stop thinking about the smell!

I actually wanted this before I even smelt the perfume, I'm a total sucker for Moschino's novelty designs. BUT when I actually went to smell this perfume it is a really light and fresh (ha ha) smell that I fell in love with! I think this will be perfect for summer, so I think I will hold out till then.
I've heard fantastic things about Anastasia Beverly Hills and have been lusting over this brow kit for a while now - it just seems to have everything to create the perfect brow! Plus, I'm digging the case.

Again, another suggestion. I'm so easily led! My friend reccommend this product to me - and she is like my own personal beauty guru, so anything she suggests.. I'mma try it out!

As a full on convert to Nuxe, this seems like the perfect gift set. Featuring the 'must have set' I think it's a great way to try out more products without the price tag. I'm thinking a nice little Valentine's present from me to me?!

What beauty products do you have your eye on this month?

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E. x

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