Oh, here it is. Another Protein World review - and how do I know you're thinking it? Because I have also read all of the reviews, which of course led to this purchase. I have been on a weight loss mission for probably the last 3 years, and while I am very proud of the pounds I have managed to shift (actually nearly 2 and a half stone!) I still have that extra chub I'm dying to get rid of! In the past I've always hit the gym to shift the weight because once I get into the flow of it I get quite addicted and end up going 5/6 times a week. However, when I fall of the wagon, I fall hard. So, I had not been to the gym since July. The shame! BUT I've jumped back on the band wagon in the fear that I need to be in a bikini in April, in Thailand. Do you understand how many instagram worthy bikini shots I will need to take - I need to get my bikini body on!

The only problem with my lifestyle now, is I am finding it so hard to find time for the gym. Yeah, I know it's one of hour your day. But when you are working different shifts on different days every week it becomes exhausting and the last thing I want to do is go to the gym. So after reading plenty (and I mean plenty) of reviews I decided to give Protein World a try - and I'm so excited! Because of my work schedule a meal replacement shake actually fits in really well into my life and I'm planning on using the shake as a breakfast and lunch replacement and having a healthy dinner at night. I should also note that my research has advised that if you are not that used to caffeine you should avoid having a shake for dinner as it contains caffeine - I don't drink coffee or fizzy drinks so I'm thinking I will be finding out about the benefits of caffeine pretty soon! On a side note, I chose chocolate. Because what girl doesn't want to have a chocolate shake while on a diet, duh. I did give the jar a cheeky open and it literally smells like chocolate cake batter. It's amazing.

I am also really excited to start using the slender blend pills as I've heard they give you amazing energy - which I am hoping will help fuel workouts. The plan suggests to take up to 4 of these pills a day, but I will be starting off on one a day and seeing how it effects my body. As for the multivitamin, I'm constantly getting ill and have the world's worst immune system, so any extra vitamins in my body is not a problem with me!

So, that's my first thoughts and plan for the next month or so. I'm really hoping I see a difference (I've read reviews where girls loose up to 9lbs in the first week!) but I'm also hoping it gives me a kick to start leading a more active and healthy lifestyle. I will keep you (all 3 of you) updated with the progress and results, but just to give you the stats I'm 5ft tall and currently weigh around 54/55kg. My goal weight is between 47 - 50kg. So here goes nothing, wish me luck!

Have you tried Protein World? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Do you have any must try recipes I need to try out? Let me know in the comments!

E. x

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