Work. Sometimes you have to work a 12 hour shift, but sometimes you get to visit London's most luxurious hotels. I was lucky enough to have a tour around the Shangri-La hotel with work, and I was blown away. Although, I'm not (yet) lucky enough to be spending the night here - I thought I would share this view eye-candy and a first hand view of what I got to see. 

So, the most amazing selling point for me was the view. Let me put this into perspective for you. So you whizz up the lift to the 35th floor (in less than 30 seconds may I add), the doors open and this is what you're faced with. 

Not too shabby, huh? Once our tour guide dragged us away from the windows, not an easy task. We went up another lift to view 2 rooms. The rooms are stunning and each room features more amazing views of London. I managed to snap a couple more pictures, including my favourite part of the whole hotel..

This bath tub gives me life! My new goal in life is to have a bath, while looking at this view. Such an amazing idea, hats off to you Shangri-La - this was defiantly my wow point of the hotel! We went on to visit the bar, gym and pool further up the hotel. Yep, the gym and pool also feature London eye-candy views. 

Now, if this doesn't motivate anyone to jump on the treadmill - I won't know what will. So, that's about all I managed to take a picture of. Not so much a review, but the pictures blew me away so much I didn't want them just sitting on my phone! 

All in all, if you're looking for a night of luxury The Shangri-La is the place to go. Even just walking through the hotel you can just tell the staff make sure your stay is a home away from home, and no request would go unfulfilled. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into The Shangri-La and if you do fancy ogling at their website or treatin' yo self have a look at their website here:

Have you ever stayed at the Shangri-La? Has this inspired you to have a look? Is staying at the Shangri-La now on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments! 

E. x 

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  1. It looks like a beautiful hotel. I cant imagine I will ever get to see it in real life.

    1. It is so beautiful! Saving my pennies to stay there for one night would be the dream..!

  2. Looks like a perfect place! Great blog, so if you want, we can to follow each other on bloglovin! Just follow me here and I'll follow you back! ♥

    1. Thank you! Will defiantly check your blog out! x