This week's obsession is make-up brushes. I physically can not do my make-up without a good set of make-up brushes. I've gone through a couple of sets in my make-up wearing life, but I'm always so impatient for the next! Here's a few that I have my eye on at the moment. 

First up the the 'My Essential Artistry' range my My Kit Co which you can purchase here. I'd never heard of this company before, until I came across a review online. This kit contains 12 brushes for face, eyes and lips. They look really high quality & I am definitely on the edge for trying these out. The only thing holding me back is the price. For £155 these brushes would be an investment. My Kit Co also have a range of pro brushes for make-up artists.

Next up is the 12 piece Siren Brush Set & Roll which you can purchase from Spectrum brushes here. I have to admit I came very close to purchasing this set the other day. None only are the brushes gorgeous, the sushi roll set them came in is insta-merbabe-fabulous. I have previously ordered the glam calm from Spectrum brushes before and really enjoyed the packaging and brushes - and just to add their customer service is extremely good. The only problem I've had is that over time a couple of most used brushes have broken on me, but I think these sets are reasonably priced and I didn't expect them to last forever.

Zoeva's Rose Golden Complete Golden Set in a make-up lovers dream which you can purchase here. Not only am I a complete magpie for anything rose gold, I have heard such good blogger reviews regarding Zoeva products! I would be really interested to try these products out and see if they live up to the hype or are just another pretty brush set.

More a make-up brush set not to be rivaled with, it's gotta be Charlotte Tilbury. Her complete brush set, that you can buy here, is something out of make-up lovers dream. Rose gold & the highest of quality, I think every girl dreams of owning this brush set. However, not many people I know will be splashing out on this beauty when it comes in at £240! 

So, there's my top 4 gotta get make-up brush sets. What sets have you got your eye on? Do you own any these set? Let me know in the comments!

E. x

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  1. Thanks for this post! I need to upgrade my brushes!

    1. Thank you! Don't we are - let me know what you go for :)! xx

  2. Thanks so much Ella, lovely review. We can't wait for you to finally try some out. Don't be too put off by the Pro Range. The shapes and styles are more suited to makeup artists or more adventurous makeup, but by all means very consumer friendly if you are into your makeup :)
    Any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us at ��

  3. The zoeeva brushes are very much all the hype these days and I so badly want to try them out!! These all look like great products, lovely review :)

    Kathy xx

  4. I have recently added some relatively good makeup brushes into my makeup kit, and they make SUCH a difference, its unbelievable. I'll definitely keep these brands in mind if I decide to add a few more--I'm thinking a range of eye shadow brushes is next!

    Thanks for the review, love!
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