Anyone who knows me knows I am a massive online shopper. I've been an ASOS VIP for year and at one point the postman knew me by name. Hell, at one point the postman told me to slow down because it was nearly Christmas and he was seeing me everyday! However, over the years I have tried just about every online shopping website and I feel it is my duty to share my experiences with you. Please be aware, I'm talking online shopping that is exclusive to online - which is why Topshop, Zara etc has not been included!

Starting off with the cream of the crop, ASOS has a special place in my heart. I love the photography, I love the range - I even love the diverse models they use on the website. Shopping with ASOS means my bag is always overflowing with the sheer amount they have on offer! I have been a member of ASOS premier for about 2 years now and I have to say it is completely worth it. For less than £10 you are receiving unlimited free next-day delivery for the next year. I've always been the person bumping my basket up to over £100 just to get free next day delivery (because you can spend £100 on clothes - but god forbid you spend £5 on delivery!!) so in the long run this has really saved me some pennies.
I remembered when boohoo first launched and ordering from their website. I think they offer great pieces, in regards to the prices you are paying. Boohoo is a great place to pick up fast fashion bits and bobs that you will probably wear a couple of times and then get bored of. Special shout out to boohoo shoes - every time I wear a certain pair of black booties I receive multiple compliments! Only problem with boohoo is firstly it is not free returns (something you get very used to, very fast with ASOS) and secondly the deliveries haven't been great sometimes. All in all, I always have a browse online to check out their new pieces.

Urgh, I have the biggest love-hate relationship with Missguided. When looking at their website I LOVE the clothes they have on offer. They look amazing, are shot amazing and their TV adverts are to die for. However, every single time I have ordered with Missguided - I have been so disappointed. From the moment I click 'pay' everything goes downhill. I have paid for next day delivery more than twice and have never received anything by the next day. When I have received the clothes they are such poor quality that they have no shape on. It's so disappointing because I love the brand but just have never been impressed with anything I've bought and have always vowed to never shop with them again!

Pretty Little Thing
Long time browser, first time buyer with Pretty Little Thing. I picked up some work clothes as the sight seems pretty cheap and cheerful. The whole process was easy and I'm pleased with my delivery on a whole (arrived on time, etc.) The selection the website also has a lot to offer. When I received the clothes I was really happy with the products (I'm actually wearing the skirt right now) but the bag/clothes really really smelt! It smelt of PVC glue so strongly that I actually had to put the bag away for a couple of days before trying anything on! Would definitely order again - but please sort out the smell!

Where is your favourite place to shop online? Do you hate one of the companies I love? Do you love one of the companies I hate? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I tend to shop at Sephora, Ulta, Ann Taylor, Loft, American Eagle and Lucky Brand Jeans online. I also have an Amazon addiction but let us not get into that.

    S .x

    1. Amazon is beyond addictive! I wish Sephora shipped to London without massive tax fees! xx

  2. I'm yet to order from Misguided but I've had a coat bookmarked from there all month! I may have to really research reviews of the company before I hand my money over this pay day! You've hit the mark with Boohoo, really amazing but rarely stuff I can get a lot of long term wear out of. Asos is definitely my number one online-only website! xxx

    1. The thing with Missguided is I have a bad experience with them everytime - but still always go back to order more! I never learn my lesson..!
      I think ASOS might be my one true love :) xx

  3. Living in New Zealand there are some stores that are a bit harder to find for online shopping but I LOVE Boohoo!! They always have great sales and I find that their shipping is really quick :)
    Great post !!

    Kathy xx

    1. Thank you! Yeah I think Boohoo has made a completely different name for themselves in the past couple of years! They're things are so fashion-forward! xx

  4. I adore Asos with all my heart and it's my favourite place to shop. I feel the same way you do about Missguided, the clothes hardly ever look like they do when you get them. They don't seem to understand what's flattering for body shapes at all.
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

      I know, it's such a shame! They're clothes are drool worthy on their website but arrive looking so crumbled and cheap! And I've noticed that they're prices have gone up alot since they first launched! xx