I always want to go to the gym & I always do not make it to the gym. I start every month with such good intentions and plans on becoming beach bikini godess body ready.But the one thing I'm better at than making plans about getting fit and healthy is making excuses as to why I should not get fit and healthy ON THAT PARTICULAR DAY. So here's my totally legitimate and painfully important reasons as to why I totally can not go to the gym today (or tomorrow for that matter).

1. I don't have any headphones with me. Well, I have my beats headphones with me but they're so big and bulky and make my ears sweaty after a while. I really don't like sweaty ears and it's not like I can work out without music?

2. I have literally just eaten my lunch and they always say you should wait two hours before exercising after a meal. And there's no way I'm still going to be motivated in two hours to work out. It's better I just take today as a write off. 

3. There's no way I can go to the gym after 5:30 - it is literally so busy with the after work warriors. I won't be able to use the machines I want in the particular order I must use them in for no good reason. I'll try again tomorrow morning. 

4. I could work out today but I literally worked like two days ago. I mean I want to loose weight and get toned but I don't want to get BULKY. Maybe it's best if I space these workout out a bit. 

5. I only just washed my hair last night and if I go to the gym it's just going to need washing again. It's so rare I have such a good hair day, better I wait until my hair is greasy and I'll go to the gym then. 

6. Urgh, my hair is so greasy. If I go to the gym it's going to be even worse. I literally can not go a moment longer without washing my hair. I'll do squats in the shower. Wait, that doesn't sound like the best idea..

7. Okay, forget the gym. It's overrated and I have plenty of workout DVDs at home. I'll just do my 3 minute belly blitz. If I do two 3 minute rounds it's totally the same as an hour and a half at the gym. 

8. I have literally just had the longest day at work. I soo totally want to go to the gym and would be so dedicated if I did go, but I obviously have no energy and it would actually be classed and dangerous to attempt to work out right now. 

9. Dammit! I don't have an £1 for the lockers! I could ask one of my work colleagues but I don't want them to think I'm that kind of person who doesn't even have a £1 for the gym.

10. I haven't updated my gym playlist in foreverrrrr. There's no way I can workout without having the most up to date pumping playlist. Better go update and download my playlist then i'll totally be ready for my next workout. 

11. I could get up an hour earlier and go to the gym but I've read that sleeping actually burns loads of calories so why would I miss out an hour of burning calories by sleeping? This one seems like a no brainer..

12. I tried to book into my favourite spinning class but it completely fully booked. What? Go and the bike in the regular gym on my own? Now that's just a complete waste of my time!

13. Yeah, the gym is cool and everything but the new episode of Pretty Little Liars came out this morning and I really need to stay caught up if I want to avoid spoilers. 

14. Right, gym time. But wait, didn't my ankle hurt a little bit this morning? Best not put any more strain on it - and where's the ice?

15. I really really really don't want to. I'm ready to accept that chubby is my life now.

What's your favourite gym excuse? Do you have any more I can add to my collection?! Let me know in the comments!

E. x

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  1. haha, this was quite amusing. I agree with you, going to the gym is such a stress. Its so much better to stay at home and watch T.V x


  2. LOL, these are great... I've totally had similar thoughts before! :) xo Kelly http://healthyfitnesslifestyle1.blogspot.com/